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Solo Piano Music


Pianist Justin Kolb plays the major piano works of William Ferris, including Sonata and the seven-movement A Suffolk Memory. "Through this CD, Kolb confirms Ferris as a composer of unquestionable musicianship."—-Clavier Magazine.

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Track Listings

Piano Sonata

1. Boldly, In Big Style

2. Waywardly, Dreamily

3. Urgently

A Suffolk Memory: A Suite of Impressions for Piano

4. The Sea, at Dusk

5. The Parish Churchyard, at Night

6. High Street, Noon

7. Sunday Morning, from the Terrace

8. Saint Edmond's - Southwald: Concert Day

9. The Maltings, Snape: Festival House Fanfares

10. The Red House

11. The Sea, by Moonlight

12. Epitaph, for an Artist

13. Serenade, for a Morning Room

14. Tune for Ten


15. With Verve

16. Hymn Like

17. Spirited

Justin Kolb, piano / William Ferris, composer