The Ferris Chorale is one of the finest chorus­es of its kind in the nation.
— The Chicago Tribune


A Chicago landmark since 1972, the William Ferris Chorale continues to excite its audiences season after season. While you won't hear a Brahms' Requiem in the William Ferris Chorale season, you might hear the American premiere of a modern requiem masterpiece, like Bonaventura Somma's Missa pro Defunctis which the chorale performed last season.

The William Ferris Chorale prides itself on the relationships it forges with composers, and for producing concerts of seldom-performed works that evoke the music and sound of our time.

Audiences know that when they come to a William Ferris Chorale concert, they will experience something entirely new—beautifully prepared, and impeccably performed. 

What a splendid chorus the Chorale is. How lustily they sang. It is really first class!
— Sir William Walton
Music director Paul French led a well prepared, glowing, quite beautiful performance that made one wonder how such attractive and well crafted music has gone largely forgotten.
— Lawrence A. Johnson, Chicago Classical Review
I was absolutely captivated by your magnifi­cent perfor­mances.
— William Schuman
I struggle to find words that adequately express how beautiful the Chorale concert was the other night. Not just the exquisite performance of the music, but the strong sentiments expressed by yourself, the singers, and the audience. I am so honored to have been a part of such a historic event. The performance of my piece was absolutely flawless under your direction.
— Chad McCoy
William Ferris has created an instrument of rare capaci­ty and quality. I was close enough to Freder­ick Delius to know he would have loved tonight’s perfor­mance.
— Eric Fenby
The Chorale concert was really a triumph and I am proud and honored to have been there and to have witnessed so much love for Ben [Benjamin Britten] and his music, as well as skill, hard work and achieve­ment.
— Sir Peter Pears
Here was great choral singing! Precision, style, com­municative urgency, fine ensemble — all these are in the gift of the William Ferris Chorale.
— William Mathias
The magnificent William Ferris Chorale cov­ered itself — and Samuel Barber — in glory.
— Byron Belt, Newhouse News Service
What is the William Ferris Chorale? Probably the best chorus you’ll ever hear. They are capable of amazing rhythmic precision and an almost frighten­ingly wide range of dynamic control. Ferris has shaped it into a Super­chorus!
— Spoleto Festival News Syndicate
The William Ferris Chorale is one of Chicago’s impor­tant cultural assets.
— Chicago Sun Times