The Small Hours

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The Small Hours


Michelle Arreyzaga, Bruce Hall and Paul Nicholson perform a comprehensive collection of Ferris’s songs. The texts are an eclectic mix of poems by Dorothy Parker, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Anne Morrow Lindburg, John Keats and ancient Irish prayers.

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Track Listings and Performers


1. The Small Hours

2. News Item

3. Portrait of the Artist

4. August

5. Inventory

6. A Very Short Song

7. The Trusting Heart

8. One Perfect Rose

9. After Dark Vapours

10. Sorrowful Dreams

11. Alms

12. Ashes of Life


13. Into the Golden Vessel

14. Hyacinth

15. Night Is My Sister

16. Columbine

17. Mindful of You

18. The Diva’s Aria

EDEN GARDEN (a musical menagerie)

19. Preamble

20. Reflection

21. Statement

22. Dance

23. Prayer

24. Reflection II

25. Summation

William Ferris Chorale / Composer Festival Orchestra / William Ferris, conductor