American Choral Premieres


American Choral Premieres


A Chicago musical landmark since 1971, the William Ferris Chorale is known for its “warm yet full-bodied choral tone and articulate, unaffected expressive gestures” ( and “knack for unearthing interesting, seldom-heard music” (Chicago Tribune).

American Choral Premieres is the latest testament to the choir’s mission and stellar reputation. With its music director and conductor Paul French, the mid-size, mixed-voice ensemble performs world-premiere recordings of sacred and spiritual pieces by nine recent and contemporary composers including Alan Hovhaness’s Four Motets, Op. 268; George Rochberg’s Behold, My Servant; Easley Blackwood’s A King James Magnificat; Paul French’s Who Am I?; and William Ferris’s Lyrica Sacra.

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Track Listings and Performers

Alan Hovhaness: Four Motets, Op. 268 (1973)

1. Blessed is the Man

2. Help, Lord

3. Lord, Who Shall Abide

4. The Fool Hath Said in His Heart

5. Egon Cohen (b. 1984): Sabat Mater (2006)

6. Paul Nicholson (b. 1963): Velum Témpli (1998)

7. Paul French (b. 1959): Who Am I? (2007)

8. Easley Blackwood (b. 1933): A King James Magnificat (2004)

9. Robert Kreutz (1922-1996): Scapulis Suis (1960)

William Ferris (1937-2000): Lyrica Sacra (1962)

10. Qui Manducat Mean Carnem

11. Qui Vult Venire Post Me

12. Sicut Lilium

13. William C. White (b. 1983): Nunc Dimittis (2007)

14. George Rochberg (1918-2005): Behold, My Servant

Katy McClure, soprano, Jerry Pivasky, baritone

Solo Quartet: Heidi Stirling, soprano, Mary Atkinson, alto Garrett Johnannsen, tenor; Brian Streem, bass

William Ferris Chorale / Paul French, conductor / World Premier Recordings